Our History

our historyRooted in History

We founded Lineage Brewing® with a simple purpose: to honor the history of our Clintonville neighborhood and set down local roots in a place we love. Lineage’s owners are all long-time residents and active members of the Clintonville community. As a result, Lineage Brewing is a place where our friends and neighbors can gather and relax while sharing our love of beer.

Homebrew to Brewpub

Lineage is also a culmination of years of experimentation and creativity, which all started with homebrewing. Our brewers developed and tested our unique brewing styles and recipes over the years by homebrewing out of our garages and also growing our own hops. As a result, we have honed our skills and now serve up with the best craft beer in Columbus. We offer an ever-changing variety of styles in our brewpub and we are always on the quest for the perfect pint. We hope you enjoy the explorative and hands-on approach to brewing that Lineage brings to the Columbus beer scene and to our Clintonville neighborhood.

The Lineage Brew Pub

Our space also has its own history. Formerly a car wash, it is now a brightly lit and modern space with a casual and conversational atmosphere. It is also a place for making connections among friends, food, and also among unique and adventurous beer styles. Also, when the weather is nice, the patio is open and we open the garage doors to bring the outdoors inside for you to enjoy.

Setting down local roots in Clintonville, OH.
Lineage Brewpub
Lineage: contributing to local history by providing a place where friends and neighbors gather in Clintonville.
Lineage Brewpub and Taproom

The Lineage Brewery

Our brewhouse and brewmaster’s home away from home consists of a 7BBL boil kettle, as well as a custom mashtun and 6 7BBL fermenters. You can stop by and check out our brewhouse, which is located right next door to our brewpub and patio. You can also sign up for one of our brewing classes with brewmaster and owner, Mike Byrne.

Lineage Brewery
The Lineage Brewery
Lineage Brewing's brewery exterior
Lineage Brewing’s brewery exterior