Get to know Ole Willy McLane

Aye! Allow me to introduce you to Ole Willy McLane, the man, the myth, the malty Scottish legend. Pint-sized, dark and handsome, he was brewed with British malt and East Kent Goldings hops which provide a wee bit of hop flavor for an eclectic taste of the Scottish countryside. Sip a cold Ole Willy and you will be instantly transported to your happy place, which for Ole Willy is a chilly blizzard afternoon with unlimited college football on the tube and his miniature poodle, Belinda, lounging by his side.

We dub Ole Willy a +/- 80 Shilling style, named for the tax placed on him in the old country just because of his alcohol level. And because, well, he told us to do it and you don’t mess with Ole Willy McLane. Sit around ye old bar and you will hear legendary tales of Ole Willy flipping cars with a mere pinky finger and

Ole Willy McLane Scottish Ale

fighting an army of Scottish thugs by himself. And don’t you dare call him “ole” to his face, many a lad has gotten his front teeth knocked out from a swing from Ole Willy after the word slipped from their lips. Legend has it that Ole Willy even scuffled with Chuck Norris…and won.

But alas! There is a softer side of Ole Willy that most lads and lassies think is a mere myth, but it is most indeed the truth. Ole Willy’s hops and malt are nicely balanced with hints of rich chocolate and toffee notes, combining together for a tune as harmonic as a Scottish bagpipe symphony. Ole Willy enjoys long walks on the beach, candlelight dinners, and romantic comedies. His wit and charm have won over lassies from Scotland to South Dakota.

So, put on your finest kilt and hurry on over to Lineage and try a pint of our mighty Ole Willy McLane. Guaranteed to give you immeasurable strength, impeccable wit and legendary style…just like Ole Willy.

Ole Willy McLane is a +/- 80 Shilling Scottish Ale

ABV  5.4%

IBU  19

Available in the Lineage Brewing pub now!