COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 Response

We are open for dine-in service as of Thursday May 21st. This wasn’t a decision we took lightly. We take our employees’ safety and your safety very seriously. We have gone over the governor’s regulations for bars and restaurants and the health department even stopped by on Saturday to see what questions we had about moving forward. We feel confident we can do this right.

What’s different now?

Our current hours are:

  • Monday: CLOSED
  • Tuesday: 4-10pm
  • Wednesday: 4-10pm
  • Thursday: 4-10pm
  • Friday: 4-12am
  • Saturday 2-12am
  • Sunday 2-9pm

We have created an ordering area at the bar. A barrier will be between you and the bartender. You will order and pay with a credit card at this station. We kindly ask that you only use a credit card.

There is now a greatly reduced floor plan. To keep with the 6ft social distancing guidelines, we have removed a number of tables and bar stools. We will now have 6 tables available inside and 3 tables on the patio.

4 tables for 4

1 table for 6

1 table for 8-10

3 patio tables for 4

There is currently no seating at the bar.

Sitting on the patio involves some weather risks. Please understand that if it begins to rain and there are no seats available inside you will not be allowed to stand inside. We are trying to come up with a better solution.

If all the tables are full, no other customers will be allowed in the taproom except for carry out pick-up. And if you are seated and finished and see others waiting please make your table available for the next group to be seated.

Standing and walking around while eating and drinking will no longer be permitted. Customers must remain in their seats while enjoying some tasty beers and hand pies. Any customers not complying will be asked to write their names on the chalkboard and will lose 10 minutes of recess. If the violation continues, customers will be asked nicely to leave or write “I will not stand with my beer at Lineage” 100 times on college ruled paper. Don’t make us be the bad guy, please.

Tables and chairs cannot be moved for any reason. Okay, there may be a couple reasons to move chairs. Just talk to Mike, Carey or David first, please.

Everyone entering must wear a mask that should be worn if not eating or drinking. Our staff will be wearing masks at all times.

For the time being, please no one under the age of 21. I have a 2 year old, so I can understand any frustration. But I also know from experience that we can’t expect small children to wear their masks and to stay in their seats. So to be fair to our kiddos, let’s just leave them at home. As soon as we can, we will welcome them back in. We feel that during this transition, it’s best for the safety of everyone. Don’t worry, we will continue to offer carry out. I know my daughter loves it when I bring a Banh Mi pie home for her.

Food Our menu will continue to be smaller during this period. But we feel confident our items are delicious and hopefully will have enough options for everyone. As this continues, if we can grow the menu, we will.

Unfortunately, we have to increase prices on some food items. We know you have noticed the price increases at the grocery stores. Our food and PPE costs have gone up significantly as well. Many items have doubled and in some cases tripled in price. We hate that we have to do this. We have always strived on keeping our menu prices as low as we could while still being able to sustain the business. Rest assured we will continue making everything from scratch from fresh ingredients, including our incredible pie dough. We thank you for understanding the position we are in.

We will continue to have a happy hour. It will be $1.00 of ALL items for dine in 4-7pm, Tues. – Fri.

We are now going to ask that you please exit through the rear of the building, using the front for entrance only.

Hand sanitizer will be placed in 3 common areas for your convinience. Please be cool and leave it there for the next person. (I’m looking at you, light bulb bandit.)

The detailed sanitation program we created during the first weeks of COVID-19 will remain in place. Glassware, dishware, and utensils all go through a rigorous sanitization process before use, but if you would prefer disposable cups, we have them available at your request.

Thank you for the continued support. Just like many of you, I’ve lost count of the sleepless nights I have had over the past couple months. All of your kind words, emails, and smiles have truly warmed my heart. You have all proven how important community is and what it means to be a part of it.

Be safe and continue supporting your neighborhood owned businesses. They need it more than you think.

Mike, Jess, Carey and Jess.