Lineage’s roots are in Clintonville.

Being an independently Clintonville owned craft brewery means a lot to us at Lineage and probably the greatest perk is that we get to live, work, and play all in the same neighborhood.  We love supporting other local businesses and the people and places that make Clintonville our home.  We love watching Clintonville change and grow and being a part […]

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Aunt Bernice’s Diary

The many different personalities of our beloved Aunt Bernice Berliner Weisse– a few are sweet, some are tart or a bit sour and some are just downright sassy. But how do we decide which version of Bernice to feature on our drink menus, you ask? Why, we ask Bernice herself of course. We like to imagine her adventures, and hope […]

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2018 Beer Year-in-Review

2018 Seasonal Lineage Brewing Beers

Another year has passed. 2018 at Lineage has meant a lot of good times, great friends, and another tour in beer exploration. Here are the highlights of our Lineage beer creations in 2018. What were some of your favorites? CLICK HERE to take our survey  and let us know what we should brew again in 2019.   The Farm-Fresh Series […]

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