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Spaceship#6 IPA
IBU 73 ABV 7.2%
Named after a Lineage grundy tank that shipped from
the West coast, this American IPA is hopped with
Mosaic, Simcoe, and Citra to build a complexity of
tropical fruit flavors and aroma with a resiny finish.

Untethered Airship Brut IPA
IBU 37 ABV 6.2%

We love the N.E. IPA style, but sometimes a dry fruit
forward IPA hits the spot. Our Brut IPA is brewed
100% light lager malt and is heavily hopped with
Nelson Sauvin and El Dorado to really push those
white wine like flavors. We ferment it with a fruit
forward yeast to put it over the top.

Hall Pass Belgian Abbey Single
IBU 20 ABV 5.1%
Our take on a Belgian table beer, but with a touch
more umph. Full of tasty toasty notes with a hint of
caramel that finishes dry. The tradtional abbey yeast
provides a nice spicy character with a little fruitiness.
A great beer to enjoy with food and friends.

Nova Scuti Belgian Blonde
IBU 22 ABV 7.7%

Named after a comet discovered by a Belgian
Astronomer, this Belgian Blonde will take you into
orbit. Brewed with a heavy hand of El Dorado hops
hops, which give this Belgian Blonde a nice
fruity and dry finish.

Channing Tater European Potato Lager
IBU 23 ABV 6.0%

Brewed our in collaboration with the Clintonville
Farmer’s Market. We used 100 lb of locally grown
potatoes from Granny B Farms, a healthy hand of
Saaz hops and a Danish lager strain to create this
crisp refreshing beer. A portion of the proceeds
benefit the Clintonville Farmer’s Market.

Bleuté Bernice Blueberry Berliner Weisse
IBU 2 ABV 4.2%

Aunt Bernice turns a little blue this time. We use a
mix of different lactobacillus cultures to create a nice
acidity and our aromatic yeast strain for added fruity
notes. We then add blueberries to create a gorgeous
color and wonderful fruit flavor.

Oscura Obscura Nitro Blonde Stout
IBU 26 ABV 7.9%

We took our favorite stout recipe, made it more
toasty, removed all roasted malt and added locally
roasted coffee from One Line Coffee, organic cocoa
nibs and vanilla beans to create a deliciously confus-
ing, creamy chocolate and coffee forward blonde

Eldrax  Foreign Extra Stout
IBU 33 ABV 7.1%

Inspired by the stouts originally made for workers in
the Caribbean and other tropical climates. Our
Foreign Extra Stout is dark, rich and a touch sweet.
Notes of coffee, chocolate and a little caramel make
this an delicious cool weather beer

Wholly Cran! Cranberry Wheat
IBU 14 ABV 5.6%

Brewed in collaboration with our friends at
Wholly Craft! This American Style wheat beer was
brewed with orange zest and cranberries. Subtle tart
cranberry flavor with hints of citrus and a nice bready