2018 Beer Year-in-Review

2018 Seasonal Lineage Brewing Beers

2018 Seasonal Lineage Brewing Beers

Another year has passed. 2018 at Lineage has meant a lot of good times, great friends, and another tour in beer exploration. Here are the highlights of our Lineage beer creations in 2018. What were some of your favorites?

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The Farm-Fresh Series

The Return of the Beet Saison

Alobar Beet Saison
Alobar Beet Saison

This was the second year that we’ve brewed our Alobar Beet Saison. Who brews beer with beets? Lineage does. Why? “Beets are deadly serious. The beet is the melancholy vegetable, the one most willing to suffer… Breathe properly. Stay curious. And eat your beets.” – Tom Robbins, Jitterbug Perfume 

But also because, the freshly roasted beets give this beer a beautiful color and a complex flavor profile that only a Farmhouse beer can emulate.

Roasted Beets for beet beer
Roasted Beets for the Beet Saison

Peter’s Propensity Strikes Again

Pumpkin ale flew out of our faucets this year, even faster than normal. If you were one of the lucky few to catch this beer, you know that the pumpkin crop was worth waiting for and then also worth guzzling quickly before the next person in line could order the last pint. It is probably the use of fresh-locally grown pumpkins roasted in our own kitchen that makes this beer so special.

Roasted Pumpkins for Pumpkin ale
Roasted Pumpkins for Pumpkin ale

A New Potato Lager

You love Lagers with fries, but what about a Potato Lager that goes with anything? Yes, my friends, we did it with a little help from our friends at the Clintonville Farmer’s Market and Granny B Farms. The Channing Tater, potato lager doesn’t taste like potatoes but the starch sugars from the potato is used to gain a light, crisp, and refreshing European lager.

Channing Tater Potato Lager
Channing Tater Potato Lager


The Deep Space Exploration Series

Space Echo, Hazy Pale Ale, Hazy New England IPAs
Space Echo, Hazy Pale Ale

All of these Hazy, Juicy, New-England-style Hoppy Beers that just won’t quit us in 2018!

  • Monochromatic Moon Mist, Hazy IPA, pineapple flavors and a pillowy soft mouthfeel
  • Space Echo, Hazy Pale Ale, super juiced up pale with Nelson and Amarillo hops
  • Star Party, Double IPA, triple hopped Galaxy bomb
  • Seatbelt Guitar Strap, Hazy Pale Ale, lychee and tropical juiciness
  • Half the Sass, Twice the Class, Double IPA, triple dry hopped with Vic’s Secret, Simcoe and Amarillo
  • Van Dad, Pale Ale, triple hopped with Amarillo, Mosaic, and El Dorado, this is one juicy ale

And some familiar hop-faces:

  • Going Ham, Double IPA
  • Spaceship#6, IPA, our flagship IPA

The Berliner Weisse Series

Aunt Bernice Poster, by Dorian Lafferre
Aunt Bernice Poster, by Dorian Lafferre

Weekend at Bernice’s, Margarita Berliner Weisse

A Warm “welcome back” to Weekend at Bernice’s, our Margarita inspired Berliner Weisse. We could hear your enjoyment from the beach all the way to the Ville, since we had to brew this multiple times to keep up with your thirst this year.

Bleuté Bernice

The Blueberry Berliner made some really strong impressions on customers in this year. It seems that this beer can single-handedly create true and long-lasting beer-lovers out of the most skeptical. Because of the raging fan-base, this beer has been brewed again and again just to keep the pitch forks at bay.


Collaboration Beers

Apple Cyser Saison

We collaborated with Brother’s Drake in 2017, but it wasn’t until 2018 that the beer could make its debut. Our Lineage Saison was blended with Brother’s Drake’s apple cyser and was then conditioned in red wine barrels with tart cherries and Brettanomyces, aging for months until it was finally unveiled during our anniversary party. What a pleasant present.

Brother's Drake Cyser -Saison Collaboration
Brother’s Drake Cyser -Saison Collaboration


Tandem Saison

A brew made in collaboration with Sideswipe… Both breweries did the same grain bill that showcased Basmati rice as a big part of the recipe. We brewed ours a saison with coriander and orange zest. Sideswipe brewed theirs as an American Pale ale with Sorachi Ace hops. Then we rode bikes to each other’s breweries and high fived as we passed each other on the bike trail.

Lineage and Sideswipe Collab Tee
Lineage and Sideswipe Collab Tee
This is only a fraction of all of the action the brewery has seen this year. Thank you for taking this beer journey down memory lane with us. Cheers to another great year of beer in 2019!