A Collaboration Brew Pub


Credit: Ryan Benyi Photography

Lineage Brewing is a true collaboration.

It feels great to open our brewpub and finally share our unique space with the Clintonville community. Lineage was brought to life through collaboration between Compton Construction, Tim Lai ArchitecT, local artists, craftsmen, and our brewing team.

Like the Lineage brand, all the materials used to build the space have a local history.

The Lineage Brewing owners hand-built the bar top and all the table tops. Materials for these pieces came from a bowling alley in Lexington, KY. They were purchased and then hauled back to Ohio for custom finishing. You’ll notice that the community tables in the center of the bar still proudly show off the old bowling arrows.

Local Clintonville neighbor and owner of Clawhammer Designs designed and built the bar stools. The bar stools also incorporate reclaimed materials. Each one is formed from old barn beams and steel, and each retains its own unique character. You can also check out some of Clawhammer’s other works on Instagram @clawhammerdesigns.

bar stools

Credit: Ryan Benyi Photography

A reclaimed array of white chairs invites guests to relax in the dining area space at Lineage. Each has its own life-story, some known and unknown. If you look closely, you will notice that several of the chairs are reclaimed from the old OSU library.

Compton worked closely to source the talent of a local Franklinton artist for the bar face. Andrew Lundberg designed and created the metal work for this area. You can also check out Andrew’s other work and artistic services at www.lundberginc.com.

Columbus Artist and Dean of the School of Arts at CCAD, Tom Gattis, designed each of our tap handles. Also using naturally reclaimed materials from a fallen ash tree, Tom etched each tap handle with the Lineage Brewing logo.

Lineage taphandles

Credit: Ryan Benyi Photography


Credit: Tiffany Baruah

Another good friend of Lineage, Justin Hickey, created the sampler boards. He designed the boards to fit the custom taster glasses securely, ensuring safe transportation of this precious cargo to one of our dining area tables.

Illustrator and Designer at MarxVisual developed the beautiful logo that you see today, and Tonic Studios have turned this logo into comfy, wearable art.

Vibrant and artistic photography decorates our website, also thanks to good friends at Ryan Benyi Photography and Jessica Miller Photography.

We also thank all the skilled contractors for their hard work in bringing the Lineage Brewing space to life. They helped to shape our space into a unique brewpub in the Clintonville community for our customers to enjoy. Last but certainly not least, thank you to all our friends and family who volunteered during our renovation. Our friends and family helped to do everything from washing windows to sanding tables and spreading the word about our grand opening. 

We love to see the creativity of Columbus talent shine through in our space, and it really gives Lineage its own unique identity. And we hope it feels like a place that beer drinkers across Columbus can call their own, too.

From Headmaster to Brewmaster

How did you get your start in brewing?

The question comes up a lot. Sometimes a career path can take you in many directions, amassing a set of skills that seem unrelated at first glance. That was the case for Michael Byrne, brewmaster at Lineage Brewing. However, it has all worked out in the end.

Mr. Byrne's art class bulletin board

Mr. Byrne’s art class bulletin board

Mike spent high school, college, and his post-grad years working with his hands in the commercial concrete trade. His love of building things and sharing those experiences then led him to pursue a BA. in Art Education. Mike expanded his love of making things using clay, oil paint, and even concrete as his favorite mediums.

With this degree, he taught art to Columbus students from kindergarten through high school. As a teacher, Mike’s greatest reward was being able to share his excitement for learning, experimentation, and pushing boundaries. These same characteristics are what led Mike to start home-brewing in his Clintonville driveway over 9 years ago. Eventually, Mike followed his passion for experimentation by becoming a brewer at Buckeye Lake Brewery.

Mike represents Buckeye Lake Brewery at GABF. Photo with Charles Papazian, author and president of the Brewer's Association.

Mike represents Buckeye Lake Brewery at GABF. Photo with Charles Papazian, author and president of the Brewer’s Association.

Through brewing, Mike has combined his various skill sets into a single role that he loves. He is able to build and fix things, create recipes, study and improve his brewing techniques, and of course share his love and passion with anyone who will listen.

This blend of experiences in construction, art, teaching, and brewing resulted in the hands-on and free-thinking philosophy that embodies Lineage Brewing. Our brew pub is a space built around creativity, learning, and sharing with those who want to learn more about beer.

At Lineage, we aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty, work hard, be creative, and try something new and exciting. If you see Mike sitting at the bar at Lineage Brewing, feel free to go over to him and talk some shop. 

You can follow Mike on Twitter @mikebyrnebrew. You can also follow @Lineagebrew on Instagram to see some of our current projects.

The Lineage Equipment Family Tree

Lineage Brewing has the equipment to brew something great.

Recently, Lineage Brewing purchased a collection of equipment from across the country and abroad. Blending pieces with their own history, each one now has a place at home in our new brew pub.

Our new gear includes a reconfigured dairy tank – now mashtun, a grundy tank – Spaceship #6, and beer engines from Manchester Brewery in England. Tradition and experience varies among each piece of equipment. We are bringing them all together to create our vision. Look for more progress on our website as the brewery will be assembled in the coming months. You can also follow our Instagram page for equipment and construction photo updates.

Lineage Brewing's equipment was purchased from breweries around the country and abroad.

Lineage Brewing’s equipment was purchased from breweries around the country and abroad.

Lineage Brewing brew pub storefront rendering by Tim Lai Architect.

Brew Pub Under Construction

Oh the sweet sounds of jack hammers… With designs and permits in hand, it is full speed ahead here at Lineage Brewing. Demo is underway in our brew pub and construction is right on its heels. Soon enough we will have a wonderful new space to brew our craft beer, celebrate happy hour, and share pints and grub with friends.

Our plans include a 60-seat brew pub, a 20-seat patio, kitchen, and 7-barrel brewhouse. We have been working closely with Tim Lai ArchitecT and Compton Construction in order to make our vision a reality.

Follow Lineage on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for photos and progress updates. You can also look for more information about our 2015 opening date on our website.

We are looking forward to trading in those sweet sounds of construction for the buzz of good conversation over some delicious brews.

Design and construction of our brand-new brew pub.

Design and construction of our brand-new brew pub.